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1st year planning ideas

1st year planning ideas

This year I was covering a maternity leave for a good friend of mine until Christmas. In her school, like in a lot of Irish secondary school, all 1st years (equivalent to the 7th grade) do all subjects and then select what they want to keep on at the end of the year. There is a lot of pressure to keep the art class exciting and motivating enough for them to keep it on for 2nd year while still covering all the basics of the Junior Cert curriculum (3rd year state examination). They only have 1 double class (80  mins) a week.

Here’s a rough outline of my 1st year plan:

In August I started off teaching art basics to 1st years by introducing the elements, some basic 2-d to 3-d shape drawings and then some basic drawing techniques based on these shapes such as cups, bottles etc. We also made some packaging-giftbags.

After mid-term in October, we moved on to the colour wheel, basic portrait techniques and then some mask making which brought them up to December. Had I been there for the rest of the year, I probably would have moved onto 3-d options such as clay or puppetry in January.

As there are many ways to plan the 1st year art curriclum, I’m curious what other art teachers are doing?
What’s your yearly plan like?

Please share, I thank you in advance. Please feel free to post a comment or e-mail me.

Ruth 😉