Welcome to ‘I grá (Irish word for love) art’. My name is Ruth. I’m a qualified secondary school art teacher with over 6 years teaching experience in various schools. I love art and teaching. I am currently teaching students (1st-6th year (age 12-18) in County Meath.

I set up this blog to document my students and previous students art work. I want to reflect on my own teaching and interest in art. I also hope to network with other art teachers, to exchange lesson and planning ideas. I hope you find some inspiration while visiting my blog. If you use any of my ideas or photos and write about them, please link back to this blog. If you have tried any of these lessons yourself, please share how the results have turned out and any pictures. Please feel free to leave me a comment (It would make my day!) or to e-mail me with any questions or any thoughts you’d like to share. I would appreciate your feedback!

Thanks for visiting!

Ruth 😎


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