Trim Walled Town Festival

Trim Walled Town Festival

Trim CastleYesterday I went to the Trim Walled Town Festival in the carpark of Trim Castle in county Meath. Trim Castle is the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland and dates back to the 1170s. The Castle also appeared in the film ‘Braveheart’.

I saw some great crafts being demonstrated:  hand carved wooden spoons, handmade pottery, animal bone combs and hand sewn and embroidered purses.

My favourite display was the animal bones whcih had been turned into dice and combs. I was impressed by the skill it must have taken to make the combs which looked so delicate. The drawn carving on the bones was etched using a sharp knife into the surface of the bone, ink made from hazelnuts was painted on and rubbed off, leaving the rich brown colour of the nuts in the groves of the etched drawings.



Sewing the purse close up EmbroideryClay jug CauldronCalf bone Bone combCarving ivory Etched illustration on ivoryCarving the spoons Carved wooden sppons

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