Stencilled Portrait Mural

Stencilled Portrait Mural

It can be difficult enough to think of art projects suitable for transition year students when you have a mixed class some of which have never done art before or they have only done art in 1st year so are out of practice or very weak. I find crafts work well and I always like to come up with group work as its good for students to get to know each other better as they are normally in a mixed class group unlike in their Junior classes so some students may not know each other.

Portrait drawing works really well. I take photos of all students and they manipulated them in Photoshop to break them down into 3 tones- black, grey and white. These are printed A4 size. Using a grid system students draw themselves. Students who have done art before love the challenge of drawing themselves from the photos and students who have not done art or are very weak can trace the photos and still have the ability to produce good work.

These drawings are used to create the stencil, one for each colour printed (black, grey and white). Here are some photos of the process for you to see as well as some examples of finished student portrait prints.

2 kim plan 3 Kim 1 colour prints4 Kim 2 colour prints 5 Kim 3 colour prints

Liadan 3 colour print Liezel 3 colour stencil print Claudia 3 colour stencil Aine Stencil Print

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