Clay Fish Tiles

Clay Fish Tiles

As well as learning basic drawing techniques in 1st year, I really like to cover as many crafts as possible. This gives the students a good taster of art and also caters for weaker students as there is not such an emphasis on drawing all the time and therefore they can still suceed in making some great art.

This is a project I like to do to introduce clay as it covers all the basics such as how to join clay together using slip and how to glaze. It also introduces the basic vocabulary such as bisque fired, slip, glaze etc.

The students started by drawing a series of fish studies from observation from photographs, drawing as realistically as possible, especially focusing on detail and colour and texture. These studies were used as a basis for designing and creating their clay tiles.
Colour study of fish 1 Fish 1 tile planFish 1 unfired Fish 1 glazed Fish 2 glazed Fish 3 glazed

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