Pointilsm Racoon Mural

Pointilsm Racoon Mural
7 ponitilism racoon3 Pointilism Racoon mural pieces

This lesson was inspired by Pointillism – grid drawing project that I seen on Julianna Kunstler’s Pinterest page. It was originally meant for students to do individually but I thought it would be perfect to do as a group project.

The image was a little small as there were 24 students in my class so I enlarged the Racoon image to A3 and then photocopied a mirror image so they would have 2 racoons to work from. I then stuck them together and cut them into 5x5cm square pieces. On the back of each piece I wrote a letter and a number so we would know how to put the mural back together and I laminated each piece.

Each student was given a piece at random to copy using the pointilism technique. If any student finished early they received a new piece to copy. Below are some photos of the process for you to see.

1 racoon orginal whisker piece for blog

Original racoon whisker

2 copied racoon whisker piece for blog

Copied racoon whisker

5 Racoon orginal eye piece

Original racoon eye

6 Copied Racoon mural eye piece for blog

Copied racoon eye

4 finished Racoon mural copy for blog

Completed racoon class mural

It took 3 double classes to add the finishing touches and assemble the finished mural, but the result is incredibly impressive! The students were very excited assembling the mural as they did not know what they were drawing until it was all assembled. I think this really helped them focus more on looking rather than trying to draw what they know it should look like.

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