‘Paper Quays’ Exhibition

‘Paper Quays’ Exhibition
1 Cut out paper Dublin Quays10 for blog

‘Paper Quays’ Exhibition poster:
Cut paper view of CHQ Building

Last August I went to  see the Tall Ships Festival and saw ‘Paper Quays’ exhibition (a Cut Paper Installation of the City Quays) on display in the CHQ Building in Dublin.

Dublin-based animator and illustrator Maeve Clancy was commissioned to create it as part of the Tall Ships festival 2012. The ‘Paper Quays’ was  a stunning 25 metre long cut-paper installation depicting Dublin’s quayside from the Four Courts to the Customs House. Viewers were able to walk around the piece and look through it at various viewpoints to see the amazing architecture and fine details up close, the shadows that the work cast were also beautiful.

Here are some photos that I took. As you can see the work is both visually detailed and delicate.

2 Cut out paper Dublin Quays3 for blog

Four courts

3 Cut out paper Dublin Quays6 ffor blog

Custom House

Her work is truely amazing, for more information on her, check out her website here. After seeing this exhibition, I thought it would be a really cool project to try with an art class. If anyone has ever tried a project similar to this in the classroom, feel free to feel free to leave a comment, thanks, Ruth 😎





4 Cut out paper Dublin Quays11 for blog

Ha’penny Bridge Detail




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